Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing services take charge of your operations, enabling streamlined business processes and coupled with deep industry insights, you will have the freedom to focus on own core competence and value-drivers, thereby improving customer experience and elevate business results.
Manufacturing Distribution
Woxforce manages the flow of raw materials and packaging to the manufacturing line and strategic marketing expertise. We serve a wide variety of the manufacturing industry to help increase your revenue by several folds, to free up capital to reinvest in company growth, with minimal disruption to your supply chain.
To succeed in the market, customers’ trust must be earned as early as possible. Call Center Services are what help most of the businesses in a major way to build customer trust. The customer interacts with our executives via voice from a real person who solves their queries or performs product marketing.
Logistics & Warehouse Management
Whether you are global or local, logistics and warehousing are the key elements for effective supply chain management. Efficient logistics services assure goods are delivered in a timely manner and customers remain happy. Woxforce understands your situation and domain expertise unique to the transportation and logistics services markets, and we do a large volume of pick and pack services in support of eCommerce fulfillment.
The global eCommerce sales continue to increase, driven by strong consumer demand. And with our services, e-commerce companies will be able to augment their efficiency and accelerate time-to-market of products as well as increase their customer reach across different markets. Our services range from Customer Service, Order Processing and Fulfillment, Product Information Management, to eCommerce Product Photo editing.

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